Is it possible to help Cancer patients fall in love with Food again?

Cancer treatment can alter and change your sense of taste and strip away the joys of comfort eating. Ryan Riley and Professor Barry Smith have worked together to create a menu that is not only delicious but also suitable for cancer patients and their changing taste buds.

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Professor Barry Smith, director of the Institute of Philosophy and founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, also features in this Guardian and Observer Food Monthly article about cookery classes for people living with cancer, and are suffering a dramatic change in their sense of taste.

‘Self-Impressions’ Event at Tate

The Institute of Philosophy’s event at Tate is highlighted in this month’s The Psychologist; the article is entitled ‘Art & Science Illuminating Each Other’.

‘Self-impressions’ at Tate event organised by The Institute of Philosophy and the Warburg Institute, was also highlighted in the Jersey Evening Post. The unique public engagement event was curated by philosophers and neuroscientists who invited visitors to take part in a range of hands-on experiments to learn about their ‘sense of self, and how it is constantly being modelled and reproduced.’

You can get a taste of the event in all its glory here: 

Barry Smith is quoted in a ‘Food Envy’ article about in-flight cuisine

Professor Barry Smith explains to the Daily Mail “The environment of an aircraft is about the most hostile to having a good dining experience that you could imagine.”

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Meanwhile, Professor Smith’s theory that tomato juice is one of the taste flavours that can be savoured during a flight is quoted in a Mail Online report on United Airlines’ decision to stop serving tomato juice on its flights. The story also features in Celebrity Rave and the African Seer. He goes on to explain in Shortlist that cabin pressure mutes our senses, but umami, a key component of tomato juice, is immune to the effect therefore a Bloody Mary is the ideal mile-high cocktail.

TEDx Talk in Oxford

Professor Barry Smith appears on TEDx Talk in Oxford !

Please check out the video on YouTube which tackles the many roles smell plays in our conscious lives.

‘Brain & Wine’ Conference in Barcelona. . .

Professor Barry Smith’s contribution to the ‘Brain and Wine’ conference held in Barcelona has been covered by a range of Spanish language publications including: Tecnovino; ABC; Vineteur; Foods&Wines from Spain; Grupo Gourmet; Diario de Cuyo; El Mon; Bodega Canaria; Diario de Gastronomía; Comenge; and Wine Style Travel. Barry Smith founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, joined other sensory scientists at the event organised by the El Bulli Foundation. While in Barcelona he also talked about ‘Brains and Bodies that Think, Feel, Perceive and Act’, at an event held by the European Union-funded The Human Brain Project. Meanwhile, in The podcast he explains how you can trick your taste buds with music.

What is it like to live without taste & smell?

Professor Barry Smith explains, on the BBC World Service, what it’s like to live without taste and smell, the science behind it and what can be done to help sufferers. Meanwhile, on the Kitchen Cabinet, BBC Radio 4’s weekly show about food, he talks about rice, tofu and smoked-milk ice cream.

The Director of the Institute of Philosophy and founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, continues to explain on BBC2’s ‘Inside the Factory’ why fizzy drinks are so appealing & why we pair certain meat with certain sauces. Professor Smith also appears again on Kitchen Cabinet show, as he baffles experienced panellists with some taste experiments.