Advisory Group

The Science in Culture theme is supported by an Advisory Group:

Current Advisory Group:

Professor David Archard, Professor of Philosophy, Queen’s University Belfast (Chair)

Dr Helen Chatterjee, Head of Research and Training, UCL Museums and Collections

Professor Martin Halliwell, Professor of American Studies, University of Leicester

Julie Harvey, Manager of the Centre for Arts and Humanities Research, Natural History Museum

Professor Chris Howe, Professor of Plant and Microbial Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

Professor Matthew KieranProfessor of Philosophy and the Arts, University of Leeds

Professor Alastair Macdonald, Senior Researcher, School of Design, Glasgow School of Art

Professor Tom McLeish, Professor of Physics, Durham University

Professor Helen Nicholson, Professor of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway University of London

Dr Dan O’Connor, Head of Humanities and Social Sciences, Wellcome Trust

Former members of the Advisory Group

Professor Helen Beebee, Professor of Philosophy, University of Manchester

Professor Paul Crawford, Professor of Health Humanities, University of Nottingham

Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker, Research Director/Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Community Cohesion, Coventry University

Professor Graeme Laurie, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, University of Edinburgh

Tony McBride, Acting Director of the Science Policy Centre, Royal Society

Clare Matterson, Wellcome Trust

Professor Neil Messer, Professor of Theology, University of Winchester

Professor Iwan Morus, Professor of History, Aberystwyth University

Professor John Rink, Professor of Musical Performance Studies, University of Cambridge (Chair)

Professor Helen StoreyProfessor of Fashion and Science, London College of Fashion

Professor Patricia Waugh, Professor of English Studies, University of Durham

Professor James Wilsdon, Professor of Science and Democracy, University of Sussex