A new film has been launched by the Arts and Humanities Research Council which examines the mutual benefits that can occur when researchers from the arts and humanities collaborate with researchers from the sciences.

Featuring Professor Barry C Smith, Director, Institute of Philosophy, University of London and Leadership Fellow for the Science in Culture Theme and Professor Geoffrey Crossick, Director of the Cultural Value Project, the film looks at how these collaborations can happen, and the positive impact they can make for society.

One of the featured collaborations examines a research partnership between to Stanford University academics. Professor Josef Parvizzi Associate Professor of Neurology, Stanford University Medical Centre, and Professor Chris Chafe Composer and Director of Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University have been working together on a project which translates brain activity into sound waves. In this film we see how they have been using the new techniques to study the brain activity of epilepsy patients, with potentially lifesaving results.

The film is available to watch below: