In the lead-up to the Being Human Festival AHRC researchers from Large Grant ‘Cultural and Scientific Perceptions of Human Chicken Interactions’ are calling for entries to their Digital Chicken Show, which will form part of their event ‘Chicken Nuggets: A History of the World in 100 egs’  at Vindolanda on Sunday 16th November.

Do you keep chickens?

Are you a museum with chicken-related objects in your collections?

Do you create, or own, chicken art?

Take a photo showing your favourite chicken (and you?) and send it in with a description, either via twitter @Chicken_Project or by email

Britain’s first Poultry Show was held at London Zoo in 1845. Ever since then national and international competitions have been held to showcase the variety and aesthetics of rare breed chickens. But human fascination for the beauty of these animals pre-dates 1845, with many museums holding chicken-related artefacts made by ancient cultures. Today chickens continue to be the inspiration for artworks; even animals that fall short of ‘breed standards’ are often considered visually pleasing to their owners. The Digital Chicken Show is open to all: modern birds (from rare breeds to cross-breeds), ancient birds (artefacts and iconography) and artworks from all periods.

We are looking to capture the full a range of human-chicken interactions (both past and present) to highlight the importance of this species in human culture and thought, and to chart how attitudes to the chicken have changed through time.

All images will be exhibited at Vindolanda as part of the Chicken Nuggets: A History of the World in 100 eg.s event which takes place on Sunday 16th November. Entries will be judged and winners will receive a mystery prize.

Chicken Nuggets: A History of the World in 100 is organised as part of Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities which takes place across the country from 16th to 23rd November 2014.

Will your chicken be ‘Best in Show’?

Join in the events at Vindolanda on Sunday 16th November to find out how, when and why the chicken crossed the globe. Book your free ticket here