Researchers, Dr Martyn Pickersgill and Dr Emilie Cloatre, from AHRC Science in Culture Theme Research Network: ‘Technoscience, Law and Society: Interrogating the Nexus’ have published a new edited collection of essays entitled ‘Knowledge, Technology and Law’.

This publication is a key output from the Technoscience: Law and Society research network which is funded as part of the AHRC Science in Culture Theme.

This new publication explores the relationships between knowledge, technologies, and legal processes which are central to the constitution of contemporary societies.

This new book charts the important interface between studies of law, science and society, as explored from the perspectives of socio-legal studies and the increasingly influential field of science and technology studies. It brings together scholars from both areas to interrogate the joint roles of law and science in the construction and stabilization of socio-technical networks, objects, and standards, as well as their place in the production of contemporary social realities and subjectivities.

Further information about ‘Knowledge, Technology and Law’ published by Routledge in September 2015 is available here