Robert Grossesteste Medieval UniverseA 13th Century Bishop’s theory about the evolution of the Universe has been shown to have parallels with modern ideas of multiple universes, according to AHRC funded researchers from Durham University.

The Ordered Universe Project, which brings together physicists, psychologists, cosmologists, Latin experts and medieval historians, has been studying the texts of Robert Grosseteste, one-time Bishop of Lincoln.

The team, partly funded by the AHRC Science in Culture Theme, created a fresh Latin translation before applying modern mathematical and computational techniques to Grosseteste’s equations.

Their latest research paper, published today in the Royal Society Journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, is entitled “A medieval multiverse?: Mathematical modelling of the thirteenth century universe of Robert Grosseteste”.

Grosseteste’s treatise De Luce (meaning “Concerning Light”), written in 1225, describes a Universe created via a Big Bang-like explosion of light before forming into a series of nine celestial spheres.

The full article is available here