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The AHRC Ordered Universe project and associated Science in Culture Theme research network ‘The Works of Robert Grosseteste: Lost Legacies and the Living Past’ has been the subject of a number of recent articles.

The project, based at the University of Durham, brings together cosmologists and medievalists to investigate the writings of Robert Grosseteste, a 13th century English theologian and Bishop.

The project was featured in a Comment piece and Podcast in Nature entitled ‘History: A Medieval Multiverse’

The research was also the focus of an article ‘Medieval Cosmology meets Modern Mathematics’  in Science News.

In addition the full scientific analysis of Grossesteste’s De Luce– On light will be published in Proceedings of the Royal Society in the next month.

The project has been featured in several blog including Arxiv, Ciencias M1XTAS and Slashdot well as on the AHRC Science in Culture Theme website.