Women in Science Research Network

Research Network

Project Team:

Principal Investigator:

Professor Susan Hawkins, Kingston University


Melanie Aspey, The Rothschild Archive 

Dr Felicity Henderson, University of Exeter, formerly The Royal Society

Dr Claire Jones, University of Liverpool

Dr Jennifer Thomas, The Rothschild Archive

Award Information:

The Women in Science Research Network (WISRNet) is a cross-disciplinary network of academics, archivists and practising scientists who have come together to examine the participation of women in learned scientific societies, from the early 19th century to current times.  By sharing cross disciplinary methodologies we will explore what each group might learn from the other and engage in a wider history of how gender affects authority, expertise, recognition and involvement in science. The project time frame extends back to 1830, to include the election as fellows to the Royal Astronomical Society of Caroline Herschel and Mary Somerville, and continues through to the present day.

This is a collaborative project led by Kingston University with support from The Royal Society, The Rothschild Archive and Liverpool University.

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Further information:

Inside Science, Radio 4, Thursday 29th May 2014 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b044j948

Science Weekly Podcast, The Guardian, Monday 12th May 2014 http://www.theguardian.com/science/audio/2014/may/12/science-weekly-podcast-dna-synthetic-biology

Project dates: April 2013- June 2014