International Health Humanities Network

Research Network

Project Team:

Principal Investigator:

Professor Paul Crawford, University of Nottingham


Dr Charley Barker, University of Nottingham

Professor Brian Brown, De Montford University

Professor Ronald Carter, University of Nottingham

Dr Lisa Mooney- Smith, University of Lincoln

Dr Victoria Tischler, University of Nottingham

Award Information:

The International Health Humanities Network provides a global platform for innovative humanities scholars, medical, health and social care professionals, voluntary sector workers and creative practitioners to join forces with informal and family carers, service-users and the wider self-caring public to explore, celebrate and develop new approaches in advancing health and wellbeing through the arts and humanities in hospitals, residential and community settings. Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, this initiative begins a new era in developing the way that arts and humanities knowledge and practice can enhance health and wellbeing. The International Health Humanities website provides a platform for interested parties to engage in online debate and to forge collaborations between humanities scholars, healthcare practitioners and the public.

Project dates: August 2011- August 2013