Art, Simulation and Surgical Humanities

Research Network

Project Team:

Principal Investigator:

Professor Roger Kneebone, Imperial College London

Professor David Cotterell, Sheffield Hallam University

Research Network Members:

Matthew Harrison, Sheffield Hallam University, Studiohead Design

Professor Gunter Kress, Institute of Education, University of London

Liam Noble, Royal College of Music

Cian Plumbe, Studiohead Design

Award Information:

This network project is to support interdisciplinary exploration of the potential for identification of shared research agendas within the contexts of visual art, music and medicine.

The project will bring together expert researchers in the fields of surgery, fine art and contemporary jazz to consider the application of understanding and methodologies derived from surgical simulation environments beyond the initial research domain.

The period of funded research also seeks to provide new critical perspectives on the nature of surgery to inform and influence further research into clinical training and simulation.

Further information:

The final report for this research network is available to download here Art Simulation and Surgical Humanities Research Network End of Award report

Project dates: March 2012- August 2013