Science and Literature Festival with Ian McEwan: Memory in the Twenty-first Century

University College London Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre, Gower Street , London

On 6 September 2014, University College London hosts a new Science and Literature Festival organised by The Memory Network:  ‘Memory in the twenty-first century’, featuring, in conversation: Ian McEwan & Paul Bloom (Yale, USA) Suzanne Corkin (MIT, USA) & Hugo Spiers (UCL) Maud Casey, Timothy J. Jarvis & Sebastian Groes (Roehampton) Anna Stothard & Jason […]

On the Generation of Sounds Workshop

Pembroke College Pembroke Square , Oxford

Workshop organized by AHRC the Ordered Universe project and associated Science in Culture Theme Research network at Pembroke College Oxford from 1-3rd October 2014. This workshop will focus on one of the earliest of Grosseteste’s treatises, the De generatione sonorum  – On the Generation of Sounds. Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253), was one of the leading scholars of his age, an early absorber […]

Regulating Bioscience: Between the ivory tower and the policy room

Wellcome Trust Conference Centre Euston Road , London

Advances in science and technology are closely entangled with the making and deployment of law and legal processes in society. Law is often looked at as a way to control and shape science, while others see regulation as a means of stimulating innovation. Legal decision-making is at times described as being increasingly dependent on expertise, […]

Workshop: Making Waves: Oliver Lodge and the Cultures of Science

University of Liverpool Liverpool

The third workshop, organized by AHRC Science in Culture Theme Research Network ‘Making Waves: Oliver Lodge and the Cultures of Science’ will be held at the University of Liverpool on the 31 October 2014. Oliver Lodge was a defender of pure science, particularly in the modern university, yet he took a keen interest in how science […]

From the Dark Ages to Dark Matter: Modern Encounters with Medieval Science

Durham Cathedral The College , Durham

This event is organized by AHRC Research Network 'The Scientific Work of Robert Grosseteste: Lost Legacies and the Living Past' and Ordered Universe project as part of Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities. The Ordered Universe project is hosting a day long workshop, From the Dark Ages to Dark Matter: Modern Encounters with Medieval Science at Durham […]

Workshop: Scientific Lives: Oliver Lodge and the History of Science in the Digital Age

University of Leeds Leeds

Fourth and final workshop organised by AHRC Science in Culture Theme Making Waves: Oliver Lodge and the Cultures of Science, 1875-1940 Research Network. Oliver Lodge has been a difficult person to situate in both the history of science and the period more broadly. His spiritualism and strident defence of the ether meant that his scientific reputation became tarnished […]

Public Lecture, ‘Why did scientists come to write autobiographies?’

Leeds Art Gallery The Headrow, Leeds

Professor Graeme Gooday, University of Leeds will give a public lecture on 6th March entitled 'Why did scientists come to write autobiographies?' The celebrity scientist publishing a best-selling autobiography is really rather a recent thing. Respectable Victorians like Charles Darwin did not publish about themselves: if they wrote personal testimony, it was usually only for […]

Public Lecture: ‘Civic Life: Oliver Lodge and Birmingham’

Muirhead Tower Lecture Theatre University of Birmingham , Edgbaston, West Midlands , Birmingham

Professor Jim Mussell, Principal Investigator for the AHRC Research Network, Making Waves: Oliver Lodge and the Cultures of Science 1875- 1940, will give the Cadbury Research Library Annual Lecture as part of the Birmingham Arts and Science Festival. In 1900 Oliver Lodge, at the invitation of Joseph Chamberlain, became the first Principal of the new University […]

Conference: Articulating Science, Technology and Law: Regarding, Reflecting and Remaking Society

Final international conference organized by AHRC Science in Culture Theme 'Technoscience, Law and Society: Interrogating the Nexus' Research Network. Confirmed plenary speakers: Mario Biagioli (University of California at Davis) Amade M’Charek (University of  Amsterdam) Barbara Prainsack (Kings College  London) Ayo Wahlberg (University of Copenhagen) David Winickoff (University of  California at Berkeley) The conference will provide a […]

Conference: Cognitive Futures in the Humanities

University of Oxford Oxford

Confirmed plenary speakers: Hans Adler (Wisconsin); Paul Armstrong (Brown); Terence Cave (Oxford); Melba Cuddy-Keane (Toronto); John Neubauer (Amsterdam) Building on the conferences associated with the Cognitive Futures in the Humanities network in Bangor (2013) and Durham (2014), the 2015 conference in Oxford aims once again to bring together a wide array of papers from the cognitive sciences, […]